Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Zoom zoom!

Hey everyone...

yep back with another page for the book, I did this one tonight and I'll try and do another one before i fall asleep... which may actually happen while I'm drawing... serisouly, I'm that tired right now :)

I know looking at this your probably thinking... why cars?? well I've decided I should probably do a few pages of different things (besides people) just to show that I can draw other things as well... I'm thinking of doing some animal pages and maybe some accessory stuff... if you have any suggestions I'd be happy to hear them

Be back soon


ally said...

Hmm well, if you like to join in, I started this thing on smash forums but I don't think anyone is willing to draw a stupid bird so no one has posted on it yet.


Actually, no, it is a LOVELY bird... just that I don't think anyone there sees that it is to draw it. Or has time to draw it... >.> I'm keen on getting this rolling so if you'd like something to draw ... yeah! =D Help me get it goin!

Lel said...

sure thing ^_^