Monday, September 22, 2008

Big Screen Blowout reminder!

well things are looking good at the moment, I'm up to 28 pages on my book and have pretty much finished my animation... the only thing left is recording the sounds and figuring out one of the sequences so its a little smoother, can't wait to show everyone when its done... just a reminder to any one interested there will be two screenings of our major works,

the first is on the 18th of november at the Chauvel cinema in Paddington town hall - the digital media stuff starts at 6 then the time based art begins at 9... its all free so come one done and support us

the other one is COFA annual - its from the 26th to the 30th and will basically be a massive party cos it includes everyone graduating in 08, there will be art on display, screenings, food, drinks and music - should be really fun!!

any way above are the pics I did last night and this morning

enjoy and leave a comment if you can



ally said...

Lel... I can't believe you did a book and animation. Well, I believe it, but that's just incredible. Like I said ... do you sleep 4 hrs a night? XD

Lel said...

I know.. I'd like to think I'm the right kind of crazy... but right now I'm not sure ; p

yeah sleep is sort of an issue right now, especially with work and studying for linguistics... I honestly don't know how I'm managing to stay awake through the day, although today I fell asleep while waiting for my boyfriend to finish in a meeting... right in the middle of the hall on a filing cabinet...

How are you any way? I was showing my mum your major work piece tonight, it still floors me : )

ally said...

gfihThen you must have a time machine. XD

Ahh... my animaiton? that old thing... hehhhhh..... what to do.... X___x