Tuesday, September 23, 2008

back again


I know, twice in one night but I really wanted to show you guys this

I really need a scanner, but I hope you can see some of the detail : ) I guess she's kinda like a ninja bee girl... yeah, I think I need to work on the title a little...

till next time


pascal said...

Good job on that girl.
Very nice lines and motion on her.

Anthony said...

Brilliant as usual, and rather sexy too!

ally said...

Very nice. Yeah.. Get a scanner. XP And a wacom intuos.

Lel said...

Thanks everyone! Oh man Ally I wish I could, but my problem is I have expensive taste, I need a A3 sized scanner and a Cintique... pretty sure they'd set me back... oh I don't know.. a few THOUSAND dollars ;p

But went to uni today to scan them in so they're all pretty now ^_^

Thanks again for the comments guys, it seriously keeps me going :)

ally said...

Our pleasure. Since I found out you were doing this bloggin' thing almost daily if not more... I've been tryin' to do the same on my blog. Good motivation. =D

I know about the whole expensive taste thing. I too want a cintiq. T__T And an A3 scanner.... that would be legendary.