Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sketch dump

Hey everyone - in retaliation to the fact that blogspot wont let me upload my lipsync animation (still pissed - and still trying - email me if you didn't get a copy) I've decided to do a bit of a sketch dump - I hope you like em - these babies took me about an hour to upload : (

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

out with the old

Hello there faithful bloggers

Yes its me again, in the same week! this unusual act of efficency and dedication is owed to a brainwave with my final design - the purpose of this whole blog for those playing at home - It happened this morning in my first Studio class with Phill George. After being politely proded into explaining to the class what we were planning to loose sleep over in the next semester/year I started really thinking about something interesting to tell everyone. Worried that my current idea was undeveloped and a little reaching and proceeded to tell everyone my basic idea as the buck was handed over, the smile I got from george gave me a boost of confidence and I launched into further explanation of my animation teaching animation idea, however the comment, "oh so your not planning to get any sleep for the next year" sort of spilt my confidence all over the floor in a messy heap. I needed something short, yet with a firm story and still keeping in with my 30's style teaching cartoon idea. This is what I have so far

Opens with "A Striped Designs production" - this will be animated with a little girl wearing long striped socks (she looks coincidently similar to me)
Then "Brought to you by" there will be two or three adds (non animated) they will be silly adds, I really want one for soap
The lesson will be on Anticipation so you will see the title come up with the intro of the music (Jazz song)
Then the camera will move across a race track to were some young boys are warming up the Narrator will say something like
"looks like Johnies getting ready for the big race, (stop on Johnie) hey there Johny what are you doing?"
"Getting ready for my big race Mr" - it will be very obvious - making fun of the old how to vids
N: "I bet you've been practicing all week huh"
J: "Sure have Mr"
N: You've been running
J: Yep
N: Stopping
N: and of course learning how to anticipate
J: Antica-what?!
N: Anticipate Johnie, why thats one of the most important things in the race:
J: Really? But how do ya do it?
N: I show you...

Johnie finds himself in a classroom
the narrattor will then go through how anticipation is done
and when finished transport him back to the race just as its about to start, Johnie re-asures the narrator that he knows what he's doing then gets inline

ready Set GO! a cloud of smoke slowly disapears to reveal Johny still in his anticipation stance
then a quick camera shot shows people finishing
The narrator consoles him with a "better luck next time"

Then I can't decide how to end it

(a) The narrator cracks a joke at Johnies expense and they start laughing in that wierd way old sitcoms did
(b) the narrator laughs but Johnie just gives a few smiles and a coughh - clearly annoyed with the guy

well thats my idea so far
Tell me what you think

Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm back

Hey there everyone

Sorry for the severe laziness, I've actually been drawing a fair bit but getting them up is another story, Plans for my final piece are well underway, however there may be a chance I'll change the story slightly. I had my first day of uni today and I'm doing an absolutely awesome course called "writing for digital media". Not only is watching movies and tv REQUIRED but we get to learn about character development, dialogue, story telling and heaps more! It really made me think about what I like about telling stories and how they play such an important part in the way we relate to characters and places. I like the idea of having an effect on someone, which is difficult with my current idea. Although a lot easier to put together as its essentially a collection of exercises and gags, I don't know whether it will allow you to get emotionally invested in the character which the more I think about it is pretty important to me, as its basically what drives my fascination with characters and character design.

I guess I'll have to stew over it a bit, we're supposed to write log lines this week to hand in for next lesson so I'm hoping that will force me to really think through my ideas and have something more concrete. I know I love the stories that take you to heaps of places in a short space of time, I also like the idea of having characters you can relate to or feel as if you know in a setting thats completely new and out of the ordinary.

I'd leave you with some pics but the blog isn't frustrating!
I'll update it tomorrow though

Thanks for visiting