Friday, September 12, 2008

To colour is to be... really bored

Yep, thats pretty much all I've been doing these days - in fact I now have a bit of a claw hand because I've been using the mouse so much : ) but 6 more scenes to go and I should be pretty much done, then all I have to do is lay it out in After Effects, add the vocals (which I kinda have to record) to the music and then I"LL BE FINISHED! woohoo! this has taken so much longer than I thought it would - and been so much harder, I'm sore, frustrated and extremely sleepy, but its been a fun ride so far...

above is a little snipit of the colouring style I've been using - its a scene for one of the "lotti lotti lotti" sequences

Enjoy and
thank god its pants of friday :P


ally said...

WRAHHHT??? you use a mouse?? T____T uhg... your poor hand.

Lel said...

Yeah I know.. the worst was when I was using my touch pad... my boyfriend almost died when he found out... I was just so comfy on the couch that I figured I'd stay and draw that way... yeah I don't recommend it :])