Friday, November 7, 2008

the cold that caught up with me....

Hey guys

Sorry for the severe lack of updates but things have been a little crazy here all of sudden... not to mention that I'm now lying in bed with a bad case of what I fondly call the "end of semester loogies".... you know the kind that starts in your head and slowly
makes its way down your body, I'm in the fourth day with means its well into my chest and I'm stuck with that annoying cough that sounds like your putting it on for attention...

Any way, enough moping, I thought I'd put this up as I was pretty proud of how it came out... I'd put the animation I did up but as always my internet connection wont let me (I'll wait till I'm back on campus)

hope you like it ^_^

Oh and I now have a new obession, James Jean he's a great American artist I discovered whilst at a little art gallery James took me to in Darlinghurst (thanks again James) - check out his site -

well, I hope things are winding down for you all and your gearing up for holidays
I'll be back soon ^_^