Sunday, July 27, 2008

Worst holidays ever

Hello hello hello, well my friends, family and strangers this has had to have been the worst holidays I've ever had... and I'm hoping WILL ever have... just to fill you in to my sad story - cue smallest violin in the world...

It started with my car being backed into whilst trying to get into Crowes Nest car park... although I do feel really sorry for the poor girl who put her car into reverse instead of drive (hence the crash), I then fell down the stairs fracturing my foot to be put in a space boot for the next 6 weeks, I then get the flu (thanks Al) then THEN a pimple on my cheek got infected, and now I have no car because its in the shop (have you ever been on crutches going up hills for 40 minutes... I can't feel my hands) no more holidays and no more money because I can't work... ok the last part is a bit of a stretch but the whining sounds better in threes : )

Any way now that I've had a bit of a cry, on to the good stuff : ) in positive news I have now finished all my rough animation for my major work and have about half cleaned up, I'm hoping to be done on the clean up by the end of the week so that I can start scanning and colouring.

With any luck this will only take three weeks, so I'll be finished in plenty of time for the opening and have time to work on my book, thats if all goes to plan and I don't run into any other... complications ; )

Included in this entry is a more colour and texture tests - let me know what you think and stay tuned for some animation

In the meantime - hope your having more luck than me!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Stairs are dangerous!

hey there faithful bloggers and those checking for the first time in a while... don't worry your just as lazy as me. I guess I have an excuse this time though... I fractured my foot, yep things have pretty much come to a stand still the last week... ok thats a lie, I didn't do anything for the first couple of days while they were figuring out what was wrong with me (yes I was waiting for three days for the them to tell me I'd fractured it).

Any way apart from that (and the cold I just got from my sister) things have been ok, I had a bit of a brainwave for my major work - don't worry I'm not changing the idea, just the look of it, I'm going back to what I had in mind at the beginning, that kind of 50's style when Gerald McBoing boing came on the scene... It's just a really nice look and will be a lot easier to colour as skin colour doesn't exist - I did this little colour mock up in the waiting room of the hospital today (had to get my foot checked to make sure the fracture hasn't moved)

Hope you like it, and stay tuned for some more animation soon... just as soon as I get my hands on Animo : p