Tuesday, April 15, 2008

don't worry I'm not dead..yet

Ok I'd firstly like to apologise for my extreme laziness, and now I'd like to thank you for your patience with sketches, (yay!) that was me imagining your reaction...ok maybe it was uttered with less enthusiasm, but I'll just move on.
Its been pretty busy, major work wise, after going through roughly 10 new ideas...I've come to see I can be an incredibly indecisive person...I've finally rested on something I'm really excited about! I know what your thinking, "Lesley you've been excited about ALL your ideas, why is this different?" well my answer to that is..I don't know...my fingers are crossed.

any way, I'm now doing a title sequence for a show I made up called "Lotti Learns" its about a little girl that loves finding out answers with her imaginary friends - Fin, Seeby, Sno, Berit and Har. The designs are below, and later I'll add a few other things I've been working on.

I also went to Semi Permanent last weekend which was FANTASTIC, there were people from all backgrounds in the creative industry and from all over the world! one of my favs was a type artist from Spain, firstly his accent was really cute, (he kept rolling his r's) but the best thing was he stood up there really humble and excited to be invited, you could tell he'd put a lot of effort into his presentation, we sat and watched not really knowing what to expect and were ALL completely floored by his work, at one stage everyone just burst into spontaneous applause, not that applause that you do as habit (a left over high school habit) but genuine appreciation. PIXAR was also there, Andrew of course having had experience with a crowd had plenty to say, then again just a picture from PIXAR shuts us up pretty quickly : )

Other than that I've just been keeping my head down and butt up, trying to keep on top of my assignments, I have about 5 due next week so I'm concentrating on getting them all up to scratch, then I'll have 6 weeks to get the others done.

until next time guys, hope you like the sketches
and remember comment welcome!