Tuesday, June 17, 2008

update...finally : )

Ok guys, here it is, the latest dump

things have been going well, I finished my 1st semester for the year so finally getting some quality sleep in, I even managed to do some solid drawing this afternoon, started at about 2 and didn't stop till now, can't wait to do more when I come back from ballet : )
I've also included my latest animation for Lotti learns...I would put the leica reel up too but its waaay to big and I don't really want to sit here all night waiting for it to upload
any way, hope all those in cyber space are doing well... I'll be at Supa Nova this weekend if any one else is going give me a buzz and we can meet up... the geek in me is completely spazing out with excitement...I'm thinking of going as a brown coat (from firefly)
see you round - and remember comment if you can : )