Thursday, September 25, 2008

Spag bowl

Well bloggers

Here are a couple more pages, I promise I'll have pretty scanned versions by tomorrow, but in the meantime here they are in all their laptop camera goodness :)

The animals are mostly taken from favourite movies and the other is a little funny sequence about the hazards of animation... beware animating late into the night as you tend to fall asleep in the wrong situations :)

- this actually happened to my sister, we were eating spaghetti one night when we where kids and deep in conversation we were suddenly interrupted by a strange gurgling noise coming from the end of the table... Alex had fallen asleep on her spaghetti and was blowing bubbles in the sauce.
After cracking ourselves laughing mum managed to get her out of the highchair, wash her face and hair and put her to bed all without her waking up ^_^

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ally said...

Wow! great elephant. And I love the motion of that girl sleeping in spaghetti. It's great!

Just upload your sketch of the bird wherever you upload your images - otherwise photobucket should do. Then you'll have to sign up to the forum and post the image on the thread... and post a new photo for someone else to draw. (It will most likely be me though. XD) I'll see if I can convince Cyrus to join too.