Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Total rip off - but ya gotta love it : )

Hey there bloggers - whipped this up this morning - its a bit of a rip of from this artist I discovered called Pascal
you should visit his website its "of the hook!!" lol

Any way, this weekend looks like it will be jam packed with colouring frames - which means some time this week I'll have to scan them in.... agghhh running out of time!!! I'm completely freaking out, I had shooting pains down my arm today and my mouth went all dry as Steve told us about all the industry people that will be at the chavel screening of our major works.... and these gonna be prizes! some ones pre-decided and a peoples choice one - I really want to invite my whole family and friends so they can vote for me ^_^

Oh well

catcha round

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Anthony Holden said...

Fun stuff here--I'm excited to see what happens with your book. Have you checked out the Pascal interview on the character design blog? You should, it's really inspiring!