Thursday, August 21, 2008

oodles of doodles - no not those kind of doodles...

Hey bloggers and bloggerets!

I come to you today with a few things I was working on last night, again the backgrounds were inspired by Pascal's stuff and in the vector mood i decided to nock up the kimono girl. The other pic was a rough draft for a book page - not sure if it will be included - now I'm just going over the people in my earlier entry in black so will have that for you tomorrow - hope you enjoy this!
oh and one more thought for the day - some one asked me today whether or not I was an artist - I didn't know what to say - it just sounds so pretentious - "Oh yes I'm an Artist" - got any ideas of what I could call myself - I was thinking doodler - but somehow that just doesn't seem right ^_^

catch ya round : )

1 comment:

pascal said...

Hey Lel
..I actually like this new background a lot more than the green one you did.
Nice job!