Friday, August 22, 2008

To Scan or not to Scan?

good afteroon bloggers, randoms and newcommers

got some good news - after three hours of standing, waiting and twisting I have a totally exhausted scanner (poor thing even conced out on me) and I've almost finished scanning all my animation into the computer (can I hear a - "WooHoo!!")- there are a couple of things I need to ufortunately fix up (tried hard to let it go, but couldn't bring myself to do it) but hopefully that will be done by monday so I can have my last scanning session... then its colour colour COLOUR.......~sigh~ man this stuff is tedious work... Oh well at least the first part was fun (and done)

hope you like these pics - as promissed those faces in black - stay tuned for more tomorrow (I know... I'm on a roll) ^_^

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