Saturday, February 16, 2008

lets get it started

Hey and welcome - just a quick post to say stay tuned, I have a few entries I'm working on now that my internet's up and running :) so look forward to some good stories by the end of the week, don't forget this isn't a one way method of communication if you've got something to say. say it...or write it :P


ally said...

Whoo!! Best of luck! <3 Gimme a yell if you need some direction. ;) You know where to find me.

Anthony said...

Well holy crap, just like old times. Well, not really old times, but not so new times?

Lel said...

yeah! thanks for stopping by guys,
Ally I'll definately be going to you for advice, after all you are my animation guru : )
And Anthony yep it'll be just like old/ new times except the entries probably wont be as frequent ; p

Yvette said...

I'm on board. Look forward to it.