Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hey everyone

So this week we worked mostly on timming and getting good strong keys to quickly communicate the story or emotion. I've posted my little ball throwing animation, basically the taller boy is teaching the fairly reluctant younger one to catch, these are the main keys, and I've spaced them evenly apart at the moment so I can mess around with the timming and see what works.
I also have to fix up a few of the poses, like the first as he looks like he's thinking or up to something rather than ushering the other boy forward.
I also want to have him call him forward a couple of times so you really know he doesn't want to do it.
I've also been waking up at 5 so I can do some drawing as I've had to work a fair bit, heres a few I did the other day, enjoy!

This is the girl I was thinking of using for my final piece

Ok, I've tried a few times but I wasn't able to get the animation up, I'll try again tomorrow, one of the pics shows you the design of the boys though, hope thats enough for now,
Have a great start to the week : )

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Anthony said...

Brilliant sketches yet again! My only niggle is that although the first image is a crazy good style, it needs to be a little more girly? That's just me I guess...I love the little boy though.