Wednesday, February 20, 2008

it all started with a mouse...

hey everyone, hope your all having a great week!

Now as most of you know I'm studying animation every Saturday with John (the co-owner of RKA animation - responsible for Mr Sheen among other things) and I'm having an absolute best time, its hard to believe its taken me this long to finally sit at a traditional table and bring things to life but its happening! I thought I'd post some of my first ever animations for you, the one of the wave was my very first I drew the waves then added the boat then finally the little man inside. Johns really getting me to focus on one thing at a time which makes total sense. I'm also working on time (timing) next lesson I'll be doing some in-betweening so can't wait!




There's a couple of others but I don't have them on file yet : )
hope you enjoyed

don't forget to write a comment if you can : p


Jenny said...

They are great! Looks like you've found your calling.

Lel said...

Thanks (blushes)

Anthony said...

Holy crap diggity! I can only imagine your reaction when you saw these for the first time. I love the style of the boat, there's something wonderfully innocent about it.

Lel said...

Thanks! I hope you like the boys, I'm gonna do a fair bit more on them this week, hopefully I can figure out the timming and get the inbetweens down : )