Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hey guys

sorry I've been a little out of it, just finished of the book the other day and handed it in for printing, hopefully it will be done by Wednesday in time for class, AND I finished my essay (woohoo) so now I'm relaxing, doing some drawing and watching Toy Story 2, then its of to bed (I'm so tired I had a three hour granny nap tis afternoon ^_^

Hope you like this pic, the pose is inspired by one of Andrew Stanton's drawings (he did the designs for Lilo and Stitch) not sure about the colours, but I can always change them later

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Anthony said...

A very Disney-esque image, I have to say! I prefer the smooth wings m'self. As for the green, it's not really my thing, but that's probably because I have Tink on my mind. ;>

Nice job though!