Monday, October 13, 2008

finger painting

Hey bloggers,

tried to upload this last night but blogspot was being slow... I drew the pic with pencil on paper (inspired by Annette Marnat) then coloured it in photoshop using my track pad : ) nothing like a bit of finger painting

Hope you all like it


yutaka said...

I saw your paint.
You are good at drawing.

Thomps said...

you have quite the nack for drawing cute / attractive females, keep em coming :)

Althea Aseoche said...

O___O trackpad..... I'm ... really baffled at your patience to do such a thing.

Lel said...

Thanks thomps!

and thanks Althea... its more a thing of laziness than patience, I can't be bothered to get of the couch to use the mouse so I rest the laptop on my knees instead and just use the trackpad ^_^ more time, but also more comfortable (lol)