Monday, October 13, 2008


Hey guys

So here it is... my final animation, although I'm tentatively typing this as I watch blogspot trying to load it... tis struggling abit
if this doesn't work feel free to go to this link and download it from there

I'll try to have some more vids up soon of a few of the other things I've been working on

ENJOY! - I know I'm happy ^_^


Althea Aseoche said...

Hey Lel! That's so great! Congrats on getting it done quite early too... I'm... sitting here expecting a whole 20 minute episode now. You do know that, right? XP

Lel said...

Hahaha thanks Althea! I'm so happy its finally finished, I can actually feel excited about the annual now, before I was really dreading it cos I didn't think I could get it done... now I just have to stress about finishing the book then vuola! I'm done ^_^

Are you comming to the Chavel screening on the 18th of November... or the annual on the 26th?

Anthony said...

Teehee...I've already seen this, but I figure it's time to do a full comment on it.

Well, what can I say...after goodness knows how long and how many revisions of the story and the character, you've finally got a finished animation! I've said this to other people, but I think it's absolutely amazing to see 2D animation, particularly in the way you've done it. The method seems so very true to its characters...I guess there's a sense of romance to the whole thing.

Anyhoo, congratulations to you, Lotti! It is an enormous achievement and you should be incredibly proud of yourself, as I am of you. ^_^

Lel said...

thanks Ant, means a lot ^_^

Althea Aseoche said...

Probably the annual. Uh oh... let me pencil that in... XD Make sure your animation is in the first half of the reel!! TAT; I don't want to stay too late... hahaha

Lel said...

hahaha, I'll try... I may have to slip the marketing team a few bucks ^_^