Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm back

Hey there everyone

Sorry for the severe laziness, I've actually been drawing a fair bit but getting them up is another story, Plans for my final piece are well underway, however there may be a chance I'll change the story slightly. I had my first day of uni today and I'm doing an absolutely awesome course called "writing for digital media". Not only is watching movies and tv REQUIRED but we get to learn about character development, dialogue, story telling and heaps more! It really made me think about what I like about telling stories and how they play such an important part in the way we relate to characters and places. I like the idea of having an effect on someone, which is difficult with my current idea. Although a lot easier to put together as its essentially a collection of exercises and gags, I don't know whether it will allow you to get emotionally invested in the character which the more I think about it is pretty important to me, as its basically what drives my fascination with characters and character design.

I guess I'll have to stew over it a bit, we're supposed to write log lines this week to hand in for next lesson so I'm hoping that will force me to really think through my ideas and have something more concrete. I know I love the stories that take you to heaps of places in a short space of time, I also like the idea of having characters you can relate to or feel as if you know in a setting thats completely new and out of the ordinary.

I'd leave you with some pics but the blog isn't frustrating!
I'll update it tomorrow though

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